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Curtains can be chosen both functionally and decoratively. We work per project and search with you for the appropriate fabric, according to the function and your budget. Then we go over the different types of finishes together using made-up samples. This will give you a better idea of what your curtain will look like.

glass blinds

Glass curtains are often chosen out of necessity, this mainly to limit the view.

However, they can also be very decorative if one chooses a voile with printing or in a lightly woven fabric.

pull-up curtains

'Stores' as they are often called, are often chosen because they save space and come into their own both in a sleek interior and in a rural home.

You can choose a transparent fabric or a (blackout) curtain fabric, depending on the function of your pull-up curtain. The systems are all custom assembled and can also be motorized.

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Roller blinds are often chosen for their sleek appearance and because they save space.
They are also a good alternative to roller shutters, as they are less often provided in today's projects. Roller blinds equipped with side guides also provide optimal blackout protection for bedrooms or rooms where it must be completely dark, for example.

Roller blinds can be operated manually or electrically.

flat walls

Flat Walls, Japanese Walls, Panel Curtains, ...

A sleek solution to provide your windows with a curtain, which can be made in both transparent fabric and overcurtain fabric. These can be provided with a rail that is placed on the window, as well as a rail that allows you to move the different parts as you wish.



You can choose between horizontal or vertical blinds, according to the customer's needs. For blinds, you can choose between different materials, such as PVC, fabric, screen, wood, etc.

Blinds give you the opportunity to play with the sunlight to your own desire.


An elegant solution for your windows ... pleated curtains!!!

They are curtains where the fabric is raised in small pleats. They are sophisticated in appearance and take up little space. Therefore, they are often chosen for skylights, domes, sloped windows, ...


wooden shutters

Wood shutters give your project a beautiful, rustic look and are also hugely functional.  They can completely darken or limit sunlight....

The possibilities are endless!


A sofa, chair, pouf, or other items you'd rather not part with but want to give new life to? No problem, we will choose the appropriate fabric for you and make sure that your furniture can be integrated again.


We also have nice fabrics in our assortment that are extremely suitable for outdoor use to provide your outdoor furniture with nice seat cushions.


Few options? Then we may have the solution for you... textile film!

Textile film is extremely easy to use, no hanging system is needed, the film is stuck directly to your window. The perfect solution for windows that are not the usual shape like e.g. round or triangular windows.


The film is cut to size and you get the same effect as voile curtains.

You can also give it a personal "touch" such as cutting out letters or making a drawing in it.

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